Event Lighting

Nothing creates ambiance like Event Lighting. It has the ability to transform any room in unique ways, creating subtle or bold palettes and tones, helping to make your event special and unique. Think about how many different ways it can be used to creatively enhance your event.

Event Lighting Services include:

  • Corporate – Event lighting is used to spotlighting the presenter, adding colour and light to the main stage, up-lighting the conference room columns to create ambiance.
  • Product launches – Custom programmed light shows can be used to build energy and create the excitement needed for a successful product launch or big news unveil.
  • Plays use lighting to create contrasts, shadows and colours signaling a change in mood or atmosphere. Spotlighting is also used to follow and draw attention to the main actors on stage, while drawing attention away from actors that are leaving the stage.
  • Festivals and concerts – From coloured beams, to follow-spots, to lasers and stage washes. Nothing quite affects or sets the mood or like lighting. Commonly used for bands and other stage performers.
  • Tradeshows – Stage lighting, booth lighting and almost anything to help catch the eyes of show attendees.

Associated services we offer at LIBRA

LIBRA Show Systems can help you create ambiance and add colour to any room. Event lighting is a key factor in creating the “wow-effect” desired by event planners when putting together live shows. We proudly use Chauvet Professional, Martin, Clay Paky and Obsidian Control Systems.

Event lighting

Event Lighting

Event Lighting

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