Partnering with Libra – There comes a time when entrusting the technicalities of your clients events just makes sense. At LIBRA, we have a philosophy which puts our clients needs at the forefront. Our goal is to offer a seamless solution to the end user, so that they don’t have to go hunting for what is already present, installed and professionally managed.

Facility Integration – We can install Audio, lighting, Video, Electrical and so much more! Turnkey solutions. Our equipment is installed at no cost to the venue owner. In fact, our team will help put together a plan that covers your facility from end to end. And YES, all equipment IS professionally managed and maintained by LIBRA Show Systems staff.

When it’s time for an upgrade, call us!

Partnering with LIBRA makes sense – Your customers will not only benefit from reduced set-up and strike times, but the newly installed equipment becomes a free of charge upgrade, bringing your venue into the realm of cutting edge event services.

PLUS Partnering with LIBRA has it’s benefits, helping drive sales higher.

Ask us for more information on how LIBRA can help!

Common install items include

  • Drop down screens
  • Integrated PTZ video cameras, video
  • Audio integration, Live Audio (Dancefloor sound as well as distributed audio)
  • Event lighting (dance floor lighting, table lighting, perimeter lighting, architectural)
  • Electrical tie-in (temporary electrical power)
  • Tie-in patch panels for audio, video, lighting
  • Remote access
  • Webcasting and hybrid meetings
  • Much more!

Contact us for a free consultation!


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