Fabric colour and material can beautify and change the atmosphere of any room. Adding a certain ambiance and depth not attainable with lighting alone. Draping also helps with sound, reducing and or sometimes eliminating room echo. Conferences commonly use drape with darker and thicker materials such as velour, to draw attention to the presenter, while covering busy service doors. Galas use white sheer to wrap the room providing a beautiful and opulent look. Lighting up white velour akin to having a blank canvas allowing you to change the mood in an instant.


  • Beautify almost any venue with Pipe and Drape
  • Can be used to cover service doors and air-walls
  • Help draw attention to stage presenters
  • Can be quickly set-up and removed
  • IFR rated materials (Inherently flame resistant) meets Canadian safety standards
  • Sound deadening properties (Helps reduce echo caused by walls and other surfaces)
  • Section off trade show booths
  • Easily create barriers that look great within a room
  • Can be used to swag ceilings and other surfaces
  • Variety of colours and patterns to make your production unique
  • Can be used to block light from unwanted light sources
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