Special Effects

Adding Special Effects to your Event is great way to wow your attendees, and make your event more memorable! From Cold Sparks to Dry Ice, LIBRA has what you are looking for!

Special Effects:

  • Cold Spark Machines – One of the most exciting special effects to go mainstream during the past decade, has been the introduction of Cold Spark machines. This modern piece of technology has quickly become a staple in Product Launches, Galas, Concerts, Festivals, and almost any Special Event looking to add a “wow factor”. Cold Sparks are also proving to be much safer than the traditional pyrotechnics, emitting less heat and boasting the ability to “stop effect” at the push of a button.


  • Dry Ice Machines – One of the classic low lying smoke effects, has been in use for decades. A staple effect for  theatre, stage and film. It became so popular, that it made its way into mainstream private functions such as weddings (most people have seen the dancing on a cloud effect during the first dance). Utilizes Nitrogen pellets and heated water to create a thick low lying smoke effect.


  • Haze Machines – If you have been to any Corporate Gala, Concert, Festival, Night Club, or Private Event. There is a good chance you have seen Haze.. Well, maybe you haven’t seen Haze.. Let me explain. This special effect produces a think smoke that lingers in the air, and isn’t so visible. That is, until the room lights are dimmed, and the stage lights are turned on.


  • CO2 Blaster – Yet another outstanding effect! Used at concerts, festivals, and almost anywhere you need a cool blast of excitement. The CO2 effect uses compressed carbon dioxide and is shot out of a special cannon to create a smoke effect that quickly dissipates with a loud airy sound.


  • Vertical Smoke Machines – This cool effect combines smoke that is shot upwards, with LED lighting to help create that party atmosphere on stage. This smoke also dissipates faster than regular smoke,


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