Toronto Translator Booth Rental – When your event needs to be heard loud and clear, LIBRA has you covered! We carry and maintain a variety of interpreter equipment as well as simultaneous translation gear. Contact us for more info!

Toronto Translator Booth Rental:

  • Translation Booth – Perfect for conferences that are being translated. Interpreters will enjoy our quiet, spacious and well ventilated whisper cube booths. Allowing them to focus on the message at hand.


  • Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment – LIBRA maintains specialty translation equipment, including: wireless transmitters and receivers. This equipment is a staple for any bilingual event, where the message needs to be transmitted to, and heard by, on-site attendees.


  • Interpreter control consoles – Interpreters need full control of when the microphones are on and off. Our specialized mixers allow interpreters to seamlessly switch back and forth, passing the work on and off to each other, as needed. This is an important feature for extended meetings! PLUS! the mixers allow interpreters in segregated translation booths, the ability to see when other interpreters are live.


  • Interpreter Headsets – Our headsets are purchased with translators in mind. Comfortable, so that they can be worn for long periods. Integrated microphones, so that the audio is always being picked-up. Pop guards and windscreens to help ensure the audio is clean and clear

Ask us how LIBRA can help with your next event!

Toronto Translator Booth Rental
Toronto Translator Booth Rental
Toronto Translator Equipment Rental

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