Video Display Systems

One of the best ways to convey your message, is with high definition video. From flat screen televisions, to Laser Video Projectors and LED Video Panels, Libra Show Systems has you covered! We offer an array of solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Video Display Systems Include:

  • Video Projection – A cost effective solution, which allows you to showcase photos, videos and presentations to large audiences. LIBRA has a variety of projectors in our rental inventory to suit your needs. We carry standard projectors as well as medium and high output projectors.


  • LED Screens – From the hotel lobby, to the fast food menu, to the company boardroom, to almost ANYWHERE.  LED flatscreens are some of the most versatile pieces of technology used to convey important messages. At LIBRA, we maintain a selection of different sizes and resolutions to fit your needs. Whether it’s a conference, or private event, we can help


  • LED Video Walls – Popular with conferences, conventions, corporate galas and concerts, LED walls offer greater flexibility with a wider viewing angle. This solution can be tiled to suit your space. Plus, a brighter image that takes up less space when compared to projection. Perfect for signage and advertising and an easy way to showcase your corporate logo or convey an important message.


  • Video Capture – What better way to get any performer or presenter on the big screen. From the popular “live eye” service to recording that keynote speaker, Libra Show Systems can help!


  • Video Streaming – Let Libra Show Systems take the technical stress out of webcasting and video streaming. From configuring and optimizing your platform to inviting guests and managing the live event, we are here!


  • Digital Signage – An excellent way to showcase your company branding, products, website or convey important messages to event attendees. Interactive touchscreen displays can be incorporated at trade shows and conventions, providing attendees with a unique and interactive on-site experience.

LIBRA proudly offers some of the following brands for our video display systems: Christie Digital, Epson, Samsung, Roland Pro AV, Black Magic Design, Panasonic Video Systems and much more!

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