Video Projector Rentals

One of the best ways to convey your message, is with high definition video projector rentals. LIBRA Show Systems offers a variety of ways you can project and display your content, including LCD and Laser video projectors.

More Information:

  • Video Projector Rentals – A cost effective solution, allowing you to showcase photos, videos and presentations to large audiences at a lower cost when compared to LED tiles.


  • Projection Screens – From small to medium to large, we stock projection screens to suit your event. Different projection surfaces: including standard front surfaces, high gain, rear projection, and matte.


  • Projector Lenses – Long throw lenses allow you to project your image from the back of the room, while short throw lenses allow for short distance projection.. Need to project from behind the screen (a great way to hide the projector), there’s a sense for that!


  • DLP vs LCD projection – Both technologies have unique benefits and attributes. Ask LIBRA which technology best suits the needs of your application.


  • Projection Mapping – One of the coolest things you can do with projection is video mapping, which allows you to map out a surface. Creating some amazing results once content is created around that design.


  • Live Eye – Video projection is an excellent way to display video content in real time at events. Whether it’s that keynote speaker, or a couples big speech. projecting your live video on a big screen is allows for a much greater viewing.

Libra show systems is proud to offer Christie Digital & Epson Projectors

Video Projector Rentals

Video Projector Rentals


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